Privacy Policy, a division of AWR Attorneys West & Rossouw (SelfSeller) is committed to the protection of your personal information in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Republic of South Africa.

This Privacy Policy describes the manner in which SelfSeller collects, holds, and uses personal information. If you wish to make any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact SelfSeller’s Privacy Officer by email at the following address:

SelfSeller may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology. All personal information held by SelfSeller will be governed by its most recent policy, posted on this website.

1. What personal information SelfSeller collects

Personal information collected by SelfSeller may include:

Contact information such as name, email address and telephone number;

Business information such as Identity numbers and Company Registration numbers;

Records and content of communications with SelfSeller or other persons submitted through the SelfSeller website; and

Services provided to you, such as saved listings and searches and email alerts.

2. How SelfSeller collects personal information

SelfSeller collects personal information directly from its website users and clients when they provide information in person, by phone or in writing (whether electronic or otherwise) for example, when a user submits an enquiry on our website, or an attorney signs up for our advertising service. SelfSeller may also collect information from its clients sent by a third party at the client’s request.

3. How SelfSeller uses the personal information it collects about you

(a) SelfSeller uses the personal information it collects about you to:

(i) provide you with products or services you have requested;

(ii) personalise and customise your experiences with this website;

(iii) help SelfSeller research the needs of its users and to market its products and services with a better understanding of your needs and the needs of users generally;

(iv) communicate with you;

(v) provide de-identified data about SelfSeller clients to advertisers or merchants to assist advertisers and merchants to provide the most relevant products to SelfSeller website users;

(vi) provide de-identified data about SelfSeller clients to advertisers and merchants to sell advertising space on the SelfSeller website; and

(vii) provide de-identified data about a property listing to the individual that listed the property on this website.

(b) Other personal information provided voluntarily by you is used to better understand SelfSeller’s users and to help improve and promote its services.

(d) If you contact SelfSeller by email for assistance with or for information on the operation of the website, you authorise SelfSeller to contact you by telephone (if you have provided this) in order to service your enquiry/problem.

(e) If you choose not to provide your personal information to SelfSeller for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, the only consequence for you will be that we will not be able to provide you with the requested service.

4. To whom SelfSeller discloses your personal information

(a) SelfSeller discloses the de-identified information about its website users, clients and potential clients to current and potential advertisers and merchants on the SelfSeller website to enable them to connect users with relevant products which match the users’ needs and wants.

(b) SelfSeller may also disclose your Personal Information to our website host in certain limited circumstances, for example when our website experiences a technical problem, to ensure that it operates in an effective and secure manner.

(c) SelfSeller may disclose your personal information to third parties as required for your use of the SelfSeller website or any of its services, for example SelfSeller may disclose your information to a vendor or their agent if you submit a query regarding a property.

(d) If you choose to become a client of the SelfSeller website, the information accessible to other website users is limited to the following:

(i) your name;

(ii) the address of the property listed by you for sale;

(iii) your property photo(s);

(iv) your email address; and

(v) your telephone number.

(e) Your personal information may be disclosed to SelfSeller staff, or staff of other AWR business divisions. In addition, your information may be disclosed to third parties (with your consent) and to outsourced service providers who assist SelfSeller to provide its services including information technology providers, marketing and market research providers, security advisers and professional advisers.

(f) SelfSeller may provide your personal information upon request of a government or regulatory authority, to assist police or as required by law, for example pursuant to a subpoena.

5. Marketing

SelfSeller may use your personal information to provide you with promotional material about SelfSeller or status reports on your property or on any of the services offered by SelfSeller whether you are a seller, a buyer or a member. If you do not wish to receive this type of promotional material, you can contact SelfSeller’ Privacy Officer by email at the following address: at any stage in the future so that we can remove your name from our marketing lists. If you choose not to receive this type of promotional material, you may limit some of the services you receive from SelfSeller.

6. Finding out what personal information SelfSeller holds about you

(a) You are entitled to access personal information that SelfSeller holds about you. If you request access to your personal information, we will grant your request unless it falls within the limited exceptions provided by law. If SelfSeller refuses your request to access your Personal Information, it will provide you with reasons for the refusal.

(b) A request for access can be done by email:

Please provide as much detail as you can to assist us to find the information you are requesting. There is no charge for this service, however you may be required to verify your identity before any information is released to you.

7. Updating, storage and security of personal information held by SelfSeller

(a) SelfSeller aims to keep your personal information secure and up to date. Any personal information or financial information that is collected via this website or which is held on SelfSeller’ computer systems is protected by safeguards including physical, technical and procedural methods.

(b) SelfSeller does not collect sensitive information about its users via its website.

(c) You can update your contact and profile information at any time by logging into your account if you have one, or by contacting our Privacy Officer on the details above.

8. Information collected via this website

(a) SelfSeller will not collect any Personal Information about visitors to this website except when they knowingly provide it or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.

Click Stream Data

(b) When you visit and browse this website, the SelfSeller website host will collect personal information for statistical, marketing, reporting and maintenance purposes.

(c) This information will not be used to identify you and may include:

• the number of users visiting this website or a property listing and the number of pages viewed;

• the date, time and duration of a visit;

• your physical location; or

• the path taken through or to this website.

(d) SelfSeller’s website host uses this information to administer and improve the performance of this website and to provide de-identified generic data to people who have listed their property on this website.


(e) When you visit the SelfSeller website, SelfSeller may record anonymous information such as IP address, time, date, referring url, and other referral information, device information and location, carrier, site interactions such as your access to website features, pages accessed, content, searching activities, lead submission, and files accessed and downloaded, type of browser and operating system.

(f) SelfSeller uses “cookies” and other methods to collect and store the information set out above. A cookie is a small file that stays on your computer until, depending on whether it is a sessional or persistent cookie, you turn your computer off or it expires (this may be as little as 30 days or up 2 years, or longer in some cases). Cookies may be used by SelfSeller or by service providers engaged by SelfSeller to provide you with the full range of services it offers, remember your preferences, measure and analyse usage of the website and for security. Persistent cookies may be used to identify the SelfSeller sites you visit and to personalise the advertising that you see when you make future visits to that site or other sites. You may adjust your Internet browser settings to disable cookies. If cookies are disabled SelfSeller may not be able to provide you with the full range of services.

(g) The SelfSeller website may include links to third party web sites, co-branded web sites and applications and advertising served to the SelfSeller website by third parties (Linked Sites). The operators of Linked Sites may collect personal information through the use of cookies and otherwise. SelfSeller is not responsible for Linked Sites and recommends you read the privacy policy of Linked Sites before disclosing your personal information.

Web Beacons

(h) Web beacons are images that originate from a third party site to track visitor activities. SelfSeller may use web beacons to track the visiting patterns of individuals accessing this website.

9. Dealing with SelfSeller anonymously

You may deal with SelfSeller anonymously by using a pseudonym, unless SelfSeller is required or authorised by law to deal only with an identified person, or it is impracticable for us to respond to you if you have not identified yourself. Please contact SelfSeller as set out below if you have any queries about dealing with SelfSeller anonymously.

10. What to do if you have a question, problem or complaint about our use of your Personal Information

If you feel that your privacy has not been respected or that SelfSeller has conducted itself inconsistently with this Privacy Policy in respect of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer by email:

SelfSeller treats complaints relating to privacy extremely seriously. If you submit a concern or complaint, we will endeavour to deal with it comprehensively and reach an outcome with which all parties are satisfied.

11. Privacy Disclaimer

This Privacy Policy is subject to the relevant terms set out above. To the extent that this Policy provides for greater privacy protection than required by law, SelfSeller will not be liable for any loss, liability, cost, expenses or damage arising as a result of it failing to meet that increased standard of privacy protection from under this Privacy Policy.

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