Good Schools In The Cape Impact Property Prices

As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

There is a growing concern about the standard of education in South Africa, and parents are going to great lengths to ensure that their children attend the “right” school.

The Western Cape is fortunate to have a plethora of excellent schools. What effect is this having on the property market in the areas in which they are situated?

There is no doubt that suburbs in the catchment areas of good public schools command a premium, and the best and oldest schools in Cape Town are generally to be found clustered in the Southern Suburbs. However, these areas are not appealing to local buyers only.

In the past four to five years the Western Cape has experienced the Great Trek in reverse, but this time across all racial lines. The number of ‘commuter’ families has conservatively quadrupled in this period, with the primary breadwinner still working in Gauteng during the week and returning to his or her family over weekends It is not only good schools that are driving the relocation trend. People are moving their families down to the Cape because they perceive it to be infinitely safer, with a much higher standard of basic service delivery.

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